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11.08.2016 – 21.08.2016


Democritus (c. 460 – c. 370 BC) has said that the act of coition is similar to a small fit of epilepsy. His contemporary Hippocrates, however, explains intercourse with the mechanical model of a heated, foaming fluid where the blood is greatly agitated during the intertwining of bodies, and heated by the natural warmth of the male, thus forming froth and spreading through the spermatic veins. Nowadays little has changed – opinions about sexual expressions and sexual love are divided quite similarly. There are those who love to die (I just died in your arms tonight, Cutting Crew) and there are those who like to think about sex as a sportive and healthy process.


In her solo exhibition Shame-less the young artist Sabine Vernere is presenting ink drawings which depict humanlike creatures with clearly emphasised sexuality, anxiety and willingness to break out of the box. The mutual attraction and sensuality of the bodies turns into dramas which are shown through the demonstrative or au contraire the naturally broken postures. This suggests that the artist bides with those who think that sex is la petite mort. But the humanbeing in Sabine Vernere’s works experiences drama not only because he has fallen out of his harmonious and undisposed paradise, but also because he has caught sight of sexuality projecting in his ego, which raises the most dangerous question: what do I want? The question of wanting – what do each of us want, what should we want or what should be unwanted – has turned into the most unanswerable question of our time. Whilst working through this prism Sabine Vernere presents herself both with a tradition and as the member of the generation X, foreseeing that we will soon be living in an even bigger co-living chaos.

/Inga Šteimane/


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