SABINE VERNERE | Self-portraits
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Indian ink, watercolor
28X19 cm


Sabīne Vernere is fascinated by the most intimate human thoughts and processes in subconsciosness. In her paintings she shows how the world affects a human and can even deform him. And equally great interest she has in the unpredictable flow of ink and water-color. All ink drawings and water-colors have to be considered artist’s self-portraits, however the faces painted from telephone selfies correspond directly to this name. We cannot easily recognize the artist in those faces, since the outside world affects both the model (psychologically) and the image (tehnologically). Self-portraits created by Sabīne Vernere make us remember what the outstanding contemporary painter Marlene Dumas had once said: that she would lke to pay greater attention to how painting influences image, and not only to how image influences painting.

– Inga Šteimane­